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Fishing Reel Basics

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Fishing_reelThere are different kinds of fishing reels but they all have the same objective which is used to cast and retrieve fishing line. Here is a list of different types of fishing reels that you might encounter.

1. Spin Cast Reel: This type of reel is totally closed having a hole on top of it for the fishing line. This was introduced to resolve the problem of twisting and snare complaints which is usually experienced in old-style spinning reels. The line is then thrown from fixed spool can be used with lightweight baits or lures. It makes use of simple pick-up pins and metal cup to retrieve the line into the spool.

2. Centrepin Reel: Usually used for fly fishing and has a very simple mechanism and since then there are very little modifications done to it. The major developments were made to when catching large fish. Modern kinds of this kind of fishing reel has a more complex disc-type drag mechanism that has several features. The following advanced features are increased consistency, adjustment range and high temperature resistance.

3. Spinning Reel: This has fixed spool that is usually placed below the rod. It also resolved the problem of backlash because it does not have a rotating spool. Though, it can also have a problem where in the line can be trapped underneath the spool. Several oscillating spool mechanism were then introduced to solve this issue.

4. Bait Casting Reel: The line is rolled up in a rotating spool and it is placed on top of the rod. Modern bait casting reels are made from stainless steel, synthetic composite materials and aluminum. It also makes use of a level-wind mechanism that prevents the line from being caught up underneath itself.

5. Underspin Reel: This kind is placed under a standard spinning rod. Since the weight of the reel is positioned under the rod, it makes it easier to hold and cast for a longer period of time.

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