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Use Fishing Sinker To Lower the Bait

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Fishing_SinkerA fishing sinker is used to have the bait or lure go further down into the water. The common type of a sinker is made out of lead, round-shaped just like a pipe-stem and is bulging in the middle. There are loops located either at both ends of the sinker where the fishing line can be attached. If you are fishing for trouts use sinker that weighs 1/4 ounce and heavier when fishing for big fish like porgies or sea bass.

Though, the use of small lead sinkers has been banned in several countries such as UK, several states in the US and Canada. This is because it can cause poisoning when it is ingested. It also is the main cause of the deaths of waterbirds and other aquatic organisms.

Another kind of this fishing equipment is the swivel sinker. Instead of having loops, it has swivels on either end where the line can be attached. This is much better because it does not tangle the line in any case. When doing bottom fishing, your best best is the slide sinker. When the fish bites, the line will just slide through the sinker which will then warn the fisherman about his catch.

There are different kinds of fish sinkers that you can choose from:

  • Sandsinker: These are made of fabric and makes use of sand as its filling.
  • Downrigger: This is used for the trolling method. It is made up of a horizontal pole having a length of 3-6 foot that holds a cannonball through a steel cable.
  • Bombarda: This is a weighted float that is utilized for rod and reel fishing.
  • Arlesey Bomb: It is an angling weight that has a pear shape with a loop at one end for the line to be attached.

Whatever kind of fishing sinker you are looking for, we have it all here.

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