Bite Indicator – Know if You Already Have a Catch

Bite_IndicatorFor those who are new to fishing, bite indicator is a device that you use to tell you if something is happening in the hook area. There are also different kinds of bite indicators which are as follows:

1. Fishing floats: It is also known as a bobber and it performs two different things which are it serves as a bite indicator and halts the bait at a certain depth. There are thin and long floats that is more sensitive and best utilized in coarse fishing. When fishing in stillwater, a "waggler", made up of a thin tube plastic, is the best option. For slow flowing water, an avon is used. An avon has an oval-shape having a hollow area at the bottom this allows it to be thrown further.

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2. Quiver tips: This kind of bite indicator is placed at the tip of the fishing rod which moves indicating a bite. This is very sensitive and very effective for coarse fishing both in running and still water. But it cannot be utilized for game fishing and for catching large fish.

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3. Bite alarms: This is an electonic device that beeps when a fish tugs or bites the bait. The fishing line is attached to a running roller, so when the fishing line moves it makes a noise. This device is attached between the first eye and the reel in the fishing rod. This device ranges from a simple on/off device to a more complex with volume adjustments and the like. It is very useful for those who are using more than one rod and usually used in coarse fishing.

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Whatever kind of bite indicator you choose, they all have the same goal and that is to tell you that a fish is just nearby or you already caught one.

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