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Bite Indicator – Know if You Already Have a Catch

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Bite_IndicatorFor those who are new to fishing, bite indicator is a device that you use to tell you if something is happening in the hook area. There are also different kinds of bite indicators which are as follows:

1. Fishing floats: It is also known as a bobber and it performs two different things which are it serves as a bite indicator and halts the bait at a certain depth. There are thin and long floats that is more sensitive and best utilized in coarse fishing. When fishing in stillwater, a "waggler", made up of a thin tube plastic, is the best option. For slow flowing water, an avon is used. An avon has an oval-shape having a hollow area at the bottom this allows it to be thrown further.

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2. Quiver tips: This kind of bite indicator is placed at the tip of the fishing rod which moves indicating a bite. This is very sensitive and very effective for coarse fishing both in running and still water. But it cannot be utilized for game fishing and for catching large fish.

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3. Bite alarms: This is an electonic device that beeps when a fish tugs or bites the bait. The fishing line is attached to a running roller, so when the fishing line moves it makes a noise. This device is attached between the first eye and the reel in the fishing rod. This device ranges from a simple on/off device to a more complex with volume adjustments and the like. It is very useful for those who are using more than one rod and usually used in coarse fishing.

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Whatever kind of bite indicator you choose, they all have the same goal and that is to tell you that a fish is just nearby or you already caught one.

Fishing Baits and Its Several Kinds

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Fishing_BaitSince there are different styles of fishing, there are also several kinds of fishing baits. These baits were created for specific kinds of fish. Here is a list of the most commonly used baits.

1. When you go carp fishing, it is recommended to use different kinds of meat such as luncheon, turkey, ham, spam and others. Other kinds of baits that you can use are pellets and boilies.

2. Spinners are a good choice when you fish for walleye and you can also use jigs. The best way to lure a walleye fish is to combine a jig and a minnow. This is mixing a live and fake bait in one so when the other one does not work you have a backup plan.

3. You can also combine a live and a synthetic bait when fishing for trouts. And making use of gang hooks will make sure that the trout will not go anywhere once it is hooked. This hook also displays that bait in a natural manner to lure unsuspecting trouts.

For several years, expert fishermen will tell you that live bait is still the best fishing bait that you can make use. The only thing you need to know is how to display it to the fish in a nice, natural way. Today, there are a lot of synthetic baits that comes in bright colors. Bright colors attracts fish and a lot of hobbiest and experts are making a progress out of synthetic baits. But not matter what kind of bait you use, patience and the right fishing equipments is still the important thing you need to have.

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Fishing Reel Basics

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Fishing_reelThere are different kinds of fishing reels but they all have the same objective which is used to cast and retrieve fishing line. Here is a list of different types of fishing reels that you might encounter.

1. Spin Cast Reel: This type of reel is totally closed having a hole on top of it for the fishing line. This was introduced to resolve the problem of twisting and snare complaints which is usually experienced in old-style spinning reels. The line is then thrown from fixed spool can be used with lightweight baits or lures. It makes use of simple pick-up pins and metal cup to retrieve the line into the spool.

2. Centrepin Reel: Usually used for fly fishing and has a very simple mechanism and since then there are very little modifications done to it. The major developments were made to when catching large fish. Modern kinds of this kind of fishing reel has a more complex disc-type drag mechanism that has several features. The following advanced features are increased consistency, adjustment range and high temperature resistance.

3. Spinning Reel: This has fixed spool that is usually placed below the rod. It also resolved the problem of backlash because it does not have a rotating spool. Though, it can also have a problem where in the line can be trapped underneath the spool. Several oscillating spool mechanism were then introduced to solve this issue.

4. Bait Casting Reel: The line is rolled up in a rotating spool and it is placed on top of the rod. Modern bait casting reels are made from stainless steel, synthetic composite materials and aluminum. It also makes use of a level-wind mechanism that prevents the line from being caught up underneath itself.

5. Underspin Reel: This kind is placed under a standard spinning rod. Since the weight of the reel is positioned under the rod, it makes it easier to hold and cast for a longer period of time.

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Different Fishing Rods for Different Methods of Fishing

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Fishing_RodIf you think that one fishing rod will can be used with any kind of fishing method, well, you are wrong. It is hard and impossible to find a rod that is able to cater to the different kinds of fishing styles. Here a list of several fishing rods that are used for catching specific kinds of fish.

1. Bass fishing rods: Bass can be both found in saltwater and freshwater and one of the popular game fish. Bass is one of the favorites of fishermen because catching one is always a challenge and it puts up a great fight. So the rod that you are going to use must be sturdy and make sure you have a enough fishing line because it will take it for a spin. You cannot just easily pull it in shore once you caught it and you are lucky if you pull it without a fight. Some of the most sturdy and flexible bass fishing rod is made up of either fiberglass or graphite.

2. Crappie fishing rods: Rods used for this kind of fishing must be light. It involves a lot of pulling and jigging and when you are not using a light rod, you will get tired in no time. Crappie are just small so no need to go for the heavy-duty fishing rods.

3. Trout fishing rods: This is lighter than bass so you do not need a very strong fishing rod for it. But do not underestimate it also because trout is one of the favorites of fishermen. Trout poles usually have a length ranging from 7-10 feet. It can also be made out of graphite and fiberglass.

These are not just the kinds of fishing rods that you can use but these are the most popular ones being used. We have different rods to choose from that is suited for whatever kind of fish you want to catch.

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Use Fishing Sinker To Lower the Bait

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Fishing_SinkerA fishing sinker is used to have the bait or lure go further down into the water. The common type of a sinker is made out of lead, round-shaped just like a pipe-stem and is bulging in the middle. There are loops located either at both ends of the sinker where the fishing line can be attached. If you are fishing for trouts use sinker that weighs 1/4 ounce and heavier when fishing for big fish like porgies or sea bass.

Though, the use of small lead sinkers has been banned in several countries such as UK, several states in the US and Canada. This is because it can cause poisoning when it is ingested. It also is the main cause of the deaths of waterbirds and other aquatic organisms.

Another kind of this fishing equipment is the swivel sinker. Instead of having loops, it has swivels on either end where the line can be attached. This is much better because it does not tangle the line in any case. When doing bottom fishing, your best best is the slide sinker. When the fish bites, the line will just slide through the sinker which will then warn the fisherman about his catch.

There are different kinds of fish sinkers that you can choose from:

  • Sandsinker: These are made of fabric and makes use of sand as its filling.
  • Downrigger: This is used for the trolling method. It is made up of a horizontal pole having a length of 3-6 foot that holds a cannonball through a steel cable.
  • Bombarda: This is a weighted float that is utilized for rod and reel fishing.
  • Arlesey Bomb: It is an angling weight that has a pear shape with a loop at one end for the line to be attached.

Whatever kind of fishing sinker you are looking for, we have it all here.

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