Different Fishing Rods for Different Methods of Fishing

Fishing_RodIf you think that one fishing rod will can be used with any kind of fishing method, well, you are wrong. It is hard and impossible to find a rod that is able to cater to the different kinds of fishing styles. Here a list of several fishing rods that are used for catching specific kinds of fish.

1. Bass fishing rods: Bass can be both found in saltwater and freshwater and one of the popular game fish. Bass is one of the favorites of fishermen because catching one is always a challenge and it puts up a great fight. So the rod that you are going to use must be sturdy and make sure you have a enough fishing line because it will take it for a spin. You cannot just easily pull it in shore once you caught it and you are lucky if you pull it without a fight. Some of the most sturdy and flexible bass fishing rod is made up of either fiberglass or graphite.

2. Crappie fishing rods: Rods used for this kind of fishing must be light. It involves a lot of pulling and jigging and when you are not using a light rod, you will get tired in no time. Crappie are just small so no need to go for the heavy-duty fishing rods.

3. Trout fishing rods: This is lighter than bass so you do not need a very strong fishing rod for it. But do not underestimate it also because trout is one of the favorites of fishermen. Trout poles usually have a length ranging from 7-10 feet. It can also be made out of graphite and fiberglass.

These are not just the kinds of fishing rods that you can use but these are the most popular ones being used. We have different rods to choose from that is suited for whatever kind of fish you want to catch.

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